Saturday, December 15, 2012

Inspirations and Diversions:
The Creative Internet

Our friends at John James sent us this link: The Creative Internet (106 things). Here are a few of our favourites:
  • " johnny cash project:
    Chris Milk collaborated with Aaron Koblin and Mr Doob to allow Johnny Cash fans to draw each frame for Johnny Cash's final video.

    The Johnny Cash Project"

  • "splicing:
    Pogo from Perth uses old cartoons - or footage of his mum in the garden - to make beautiful records"

  • "life in a day:
    What happens when you ask everyone in the world to take a video of their life on the same day? A project with Kevin McDonald, Ridley Scott and many more."

  • "portfolio mapping:
    Designers create portfolios using maps
    Stas Kulesh"

Enjoy your weekend!

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