Wednesday, May 6, 2009

For your eyes only VI:
An Idea on Centerpieces
and other Table Accoutrements

For the tables, Aaron and I found these Moroccan-style lanterns. They will make beautiful centerpieces.

We would like to do something like this with the lanterns, covering the tops with lush green moss (alluding to the temperate rainforest outside the wedding venue)

but with this orchid stem.

We'll put a burlap/hessian runner or overlay on the tables. I did that once for a dinner party, and Ryan really dug it. “I dig the burlap!” he said.

The rough texture of burlap will be a pleasing counter point to to the lacquered shine of some chargers we’ve been saving that are very similar to these, but silvery champagne in colour. Wedding glamour, while still down to earth.

These leaves will make interesting placecards—each guest’s name will be written on them in gold paint marker.

We'll make table numbers from slate tiles written on with chalk.

That's everything we've come up with so far. What do you think?

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