Friday, January 29, 2010

Design Lessons:
I could use a little more
white in my life

Schappacher White, that is. (via Apartment Therapy)
Genius. Notice how they warm up what could be a stark black and white palette with touches of gold (in the flowers on a table), brown and beige (through natural wood and fibre), and ivory (in the squash), and simultaneously cool it down with turquoise (bottles in the entry) and grey (squash again). These additions are significant enough to add a lot of tonal depth and richness, bringing out even further the more subtle variations in the different shades of white and black (i.e. warm vs. cool black, or creamy white vs. bright white), without being distracting. Their confident use of large scale pattern in the striped rug and quatrefoil-type throw pillows also helps keep the look graphic and clean.


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