Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Bigger Picture:
A Magic Position

So let the people talk
It's Monday morning. Walk
Right past the fabulous mess we're in
It's gonna be a beautiful day
So do the bluebirds sing
As I take your hand
And you take my kiss
And I take the world
'Cause out of all the people I've known
The places I've been
The songs that I have sung
The wonders I've seen
Now that the dreams are all coming true
Who is the one that leads me on through

It's you
Who puts me in the magic position, darling now
You put me in the magic position
To live, to learn, to love in the major key

I started this blog to get comfortable with talking to people—whether friends, colleagues or clients—about my art and my creative process. And you know, writing these blogs, as long as they take, has been so helpful and so rewarding.

I'm not a superstar with a thousand page hits a day and I rarely get more than one or two comments (to those who leave them, I love you guys. I underestimated how much comments motivate me to keep writing.), but when I'm creating something—a painting, a display, a floral design, an interior, a garden, an event—it's easy to take for granted how sophisticated the process really is. I'm sure most artists|designers|writers|engineers|etc out there would agree: when your creative juices are really going, when you're in the zone, the flow, the moment, or whatever your idiom of choice happens to be, it doesn't really feel like it came from you, right? It just pops out, or happens, or feels like it came from God, the universe, the Great Pumpkin, or some other greater power outside of you. Like Archimedes in the bathtub, you just get|got it.

Yet, I’d start writing about a project, thinking, Let's bang this out and on to breakfast, I'm really busy today, and find myself, every time, hours later, in the midst of recalling the myriad necessary artistic decisions I’d been making from minute to minute, asking the same Universe that gave me this beautiful gift in the first place, “Does it matter? Does anyone really want to know?”

And then I go see Z-Trip at The Starlite and sweet and lovely Nina tells me how touched she was by my moose, and how reading that blog reminded her how much she loves interior design and inspired her to re-examine her own home with fresh eyes. And I’m having a conversation with Erin, who I love and adore, and whose work and work ethic, in rigor and originality, I’ve always thought far surpasses my own, and she tells my that my work on my blog (i.e. the writing and photographs) urges her to treat her own blog with a little more respect and effort. And I realise I’m just being unkind to myself, like many people are to themselves, and I stop that inner conversation and turn my thoughts to something that gives me joy: like being in my office and studio and working on our next project...

and Rama: the love of my life, the business behind my art, and the reason I can do what I do...

and building my business, ID Bohemia. (By the way, if you have a creative business, The Business of Being Creative, is an excellent blog to read.)

Thank you for reading.

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