Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Workin' it 9 to 5, Part III:
The Blanket Truth

I love hip hop. There are many genres of music out there that I like, but sometimes I just wanna bump up on my Rama, and only a hip hop beat will do it for me. Did you know that when lyrics are recorded backwards in a song there's have a name for it? It's called backmasking! Reminds of a passage I was reading just yesterday, in Anne Lamott's "Bird by Bird", on how the author finally came to know that the "wire thing" that covers all champagne corks is called the "wire hood". (Part Three: HELP ALONG THE WAY - Calling Around, p. 145)

On the process of writing and research, she wrote that part of being a writer is a willingness to go where that process wanders and flows, pushing or pulling you along with it all the while.
The truth is that there are simply going to be times when you can't go forward in your work until you find out something about the place you grew up, when it was still a railroad town, or what the early stages of shingles are like, or what your character would actually experience the first week of beauty school. So figure out who would have this information and give that person a call. It's best if you can think of someone who's witty and articulate, so you can steal all of his or her material. Also, of course, it's just more interesting to be on the phone with someone who's sort of keen. But these qualities are not absolutely necessary, because you may just be looking for one piece of information, or even just one word, and you do not need a whole lot of background or humor to go with it. And it may also turn out that in searching for this one bit of information, something else will turn up that you absolutely could not have know would be out there waiting for you.
For Anne, it's wine hoods. For me, it's backmasking. And, like Anne, I never might've thought I'd actually be able to use that little tidbit of information, until just now. Backmasking...ah.

The more permutations of the creative process I explore and encounter, whether design, writing, painting, drawing, photography, music, sewing, jewellery, gardening, et al, etc...the more I see they're all the same and my creative world grows ever wider and more expansive. It makes me wonder: is it like that in life too? Maybe this is what Scott is talking about when he says, "It's all the octopus." Maybe this is what Bernard meant when he said, "It's all the blanket."

In closing,

Good karma to you all.

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