Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For your eyes only V:
An Idea on Flowers

We have these vases. The tall one is 24” x 6” and the short one is 10” x 5”. Their simple shapes open them to a range of treatments with flowers or candles. Ryan asked for some sort of stair treatment, so we’d like to do a line of vases going up the stairs , with alternating arrangements of sarracenia, also known as pitcher plants,

and grasses (the same ones used in the martini), to accompany the paper mural we'll be creating.

After my conversation with Ryan about hot hot colour, I remembered some orchids I’d seen at Shangri-La here in Edmonton. We went to both locations to pick them up,

and while Aaron and I were there, these succulents caught my eye.

I’ll use them in Melissa’s bouquet to compliment this little guy

that Ryan really liked in the martini glass arrangement, and which I’ll be using for the mens’ boutonnieres along with the yellow and orange orchids. In addition to the orchid bloom and sedum, Ryan’s boutonniere will have a calla lily in it, to set it apart from the groomsmen's boutonnieres.

The women will carry a simple bouquet of two calla lilies, either these

or these,

with their stems bound in red or orange ribbon.

For Melissa’s bouquet, I'll do a cluster of roses (the same roses as the martini arrangement and another brighter red rose)

surrounded by a swirling cascade of red lilies,

a hot pink magnolia,

orange tulips,

and amaranthus, also known as “love lies bleeding”, (it’s probably my cameratic ineptitude, but for some reason, it rarely photographs well on its own),

and finished with a ruff of cycad leaves

and ferns (temperate rainforest chic).

It’ll be a comma or upside-down-paisley shape (but less Dr. Seuss), which will go well with Melissa’s dress (warning: if you are Ryan, or if you are not Ryan but don’t have the sense to keep a secret from him, do not click the dress link. Ryan doesn’t know what the dress looks like and Melissa would prefer to keep it that way until their wedding!).

To be continued...

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