Sunday, April 26, 2009

Inspirations and Diversions:
It's where the blog writer learns to speak Finnish

Though I don't often turn to other event professionals for inspiration, part of my job is keeping current with what's going on in the wider creative marketplace: like Saipua. (According to their website, the "Saipua" is derived from the Finnish word for soap.) They make flowers and soap and, oh my, their flowers are simply amazing. Jumbly and messy in the same wonderful way as Grandpa's attic and Grandma's steamer trunk! There is a masterful, and free-wheeling, compositional eye at work here.

You know that blank stare you get when you're really tired or really bored? Where you're not taking in anything in particular and looking at everything at the same time? That's how professional artists look at their own work (and others' work). Try it. See how it helps resolve colour, line and spatial relationships that are otherwise not apparent when you're looking at this particular line or that swath of colour. It took me three years of university before I figured out what my professors meant when they kept telling me to "really look" at my paintings, and I'm giving it to you here, in 250 words or less, for free! Lesson número uno in Bonne Vivante 101: The Unfocused Stare!

And now yet another diversion for you, my fellow visual jackdaws:

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  1. Sweet passion of yours. You're lovely and entertaining.


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